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Professional Appliance Repair in Houston, Texas

Fridge not running right, disposal messed up, stove needs some work, A M Appliance of Houston, Texas is your one stop appliance repair facility. Here for all of your home appliance repair needs we service Pasadena, Houston, Bellaire, and Bay City. We aim to provide prompt, accurate, and affordable repairs for refrigerators, washers and dryers, and more. We specialize in all major brands including GE appliance repair, Maytag, Kenmore, and many others. If you have any questions about our mobile appliance repair services please contact us today. 

Family owned and operated with over 4 years business experience. A M Appliance offers a 100% guarantee on all their work. Their licensed technicians are consumer friendly with only the best interest of the customer in mind. With a great rating from the Better Business Bureau, A M Appliance of Houston is the only place to call (713) 396-3521 for all your appliance repair needs. First time customers who mention this website will save 10% off of any service call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Refrigerator Repair Man

Refrigerator Repair

At A M Appliance we have built up a great deal of expertise when it comes to repairing faulty refrigerators. One of the most common problems is water leaking out on to the floor, a sign that a water valve is broken or a filter needs changed. There is an indicator that lets people know when they should change their filters but we recommend it is done every month or two. 

Dishwasher Repair Man

Dishwasher Repair

A leaking dishwasher can mean that one of a number of component parts are broken, including the gasket, seal, tub, pump or water line. If the machine is not starting, the problem could be lack of power, the start switch, or a malfunction in the control board or timer. All of these parts would need to be replaced because they are non-repairable so make sure you call us on (713) 396-3521 if your dishwasher has stopped working properly.

Oven Service Repair

Oven Repair

At A M Appliance we will deal with problems that show up on both electric and gas ovens. On an electric oven faulty parts such as a breaker, the power cord, the control board, panel box, or burners will all need replaced. Gas oven problems include dirty burner heads, faulty igniters, malfunctioning electrodes, and control board faults.

Stove Service

Stove Repair

Customers often report a constant clicking noise on their stoves, which is caused by the switches getting wet. You may want to recalibrate the temperature if it is off but sometimes the control  board will not allow that and the board has to be replaced. At A M Appliance we will sort out all stove difficulties and we deal with a wide range of manufacturers including GE and Whirlpool.

Washer Repair Service

Washer Repair

Our washer repair service for customers in the Houston, Texas, area is second to none. Washers can suffer leaks from seals, pumps or hoses; the motor coupler could develop a problem; a faulty valve could prevent the appliance filling with water; or the valve at the back of the house could be dirty or corroded. Whatever the problem we will fix it.

Dryer Service Man

Dryer Repair

If your dryer won’t turn properly then it is most likely the appliance has suffered a belt malfunction. And if the machine is not drying properly then it is possible that the vent is clogged or the heating element has developed a fault. Shaking or noise while the appliance is turned on means a problem with wheels or the blower.

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