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A M Appliance - Bellaire, TX

Dishwasher Repair and Dryer Repair near Bellaire, Texas

The city of Bellaire is a residential community within Houston and close to our location, it is one of the areas in which we regularly carry out appliance repair work and where residents are used to seeing our service truck.

Many things can go wrong with the household appliances we all find so essential nowadays. And rest assured that whatever problem you are experiencing, our professional team has experienced many times in the past and we are always on hand to offer you same-day repair service.

A leak from your washer will usually be the result of a leak from the seals, pumps or hoses inside the appliance. It is also common to have problems with the motor, the coupler, the agitator or a spring. It could be that a water valve is preventing the tub from filling up or that the valve at the back of the house is dirty or corroded. Whatever the problem we can sort it.

If the coil or gas igniter on your dryer is broken then the machine will not heat up. Sometimes, if the appliance is not drying properly, it could mean that the vent is clogged or the heating element id not working. Dryers can also suffer from problems with the blowers and wheels and they are all issues that our team can sort for you.

At A M Appliance we are called out to fix broken fridges more than any other appliance. We always recommend to customers that they change out the filters every two months at least. Every refrigerator has an indicator telling people when to carry out the filter change. Fridges can also suffer problems with fans, compressors, water valves or ice makers and again we are on hand to help.

So if you are a Bellaire resident then call A M Appliance on (713) 396-3521 if you want the services of the best appliance repair team around.


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